Getting your trailer license

Do you want to get your trailer license? Why? Do you want to start driving with a trailer, horse trailer or caravan?  Then in most cases driving license B is not enough. When you only have driving license B, the unladen weight plus the load weight of the car and trailer may not pass 3500 kg. This means that you:

  • May tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 750 kg (unladen weight plus load weight)
  • May tow a trailer with a maximum weight higher than 750 kg if the car and trailer do not surpass 3500 kg

When do you need trailer license E behind B

Drivings license E behind B is an extension of your B license. It is mandatory if you are going to drive with a combination of which the permissible weight is more than 3500 kg.

The requirements of getting trailer license E behind B

When you want to get trailer license E behind B, you do not need a separate theory exam. You do need to do a practical exam at the CBR. Therefore it is an good idea to take trailer lessons at a driving school. The requirements you need to fulfill are:

  • You need to have a valid drivers license B
  • You need to be 18 years old or older
  • You need to finish an practical exam for driving with a trailer

When you have passed your exam, just like driving license B you can get your license E at your local township where you are registered.

Getting your trailer license; Driving license and practical exam

For everybody the amount of required lessons differ. Thats is why driving school Jet Blei offers a one-day-course for trailer license E behind B, including:

  • Intake lasting 2 hours
  • Driving lessons 7 hours
  • Practical exam 1 hour

This way you can get your trailer license E behind B for a fixed price! Of course you can also follow separate lessons to get your trailer license E behind B. For more information you can always call +31 6 22 945 727 or email