Theroretical lessons in homely athmosphere

Theoretical lessons given in a homely atmosphere to a maximum of 10 participants. The participants therefore get plenty personal attention. During 4 lessons of 2.5 hours, there is lots of time to ask questions and discuss traffic situations. We provide an good place to start for studying at home. And of course an great opportunity to get your theoretical exam quick.

What are the tarifs for the car driving lessons

By offering deals, the prices for the driving lessons stay low. This way you will get an driving education, especially made to suit you, for a good price. That’s why you can choose from the following deals, including a ‘Tussentijdse toets’ (a test you take at the CBR whilst your still taking lessons, to see what your progress is) and a practical exam (CBR):


Hourly rate € 57,-
Admission €114,-
Exam €265,-
TTT €265,-
Fear of failure exam €345,-
Package 30 hours €2180,-
Package 35 hours €2455,-
Package 40 hours €2730,-
Package 45 hours €3005,-
Package 50 hours €3280,-

Driving lessons car

By starting with an intake which takes 2 hours, I can see how fast your progress is. Based on this, we can make an estimate on what deal suits you best.

Costs intake:
For 120 minutes of practical lesson, you pay € 108.-

VIP intake
The VIP intake takes just as long as the regular intake (2 hours). You will receive an theory packet including an theory book and a set of 250 online practice questions for the theory exam. Worth € 31.25.
For 120 minutes of practical lesson, a theory-book and 250 online practice questions, you pay € 125.-.

About the deals:

If it turns out you need more time to take your exam, you can buy separate lessons. If you need less lessons, you will of course get your money back for the unused lessons agianst hourly rate of your chosen deal. When you made your choice what deal you need and want to pay this in terms, this is of course also possible. For more information you can call +31 6 22 945 727 or via mail contact

Hourly rate driving lessons

If you already have a drivers license, but you don’t really feel comfortable on the road, you can use a refresh-course. This consists of 2 lessons each lasting 2 hours, which are made to work on your confidence and traffic-safety. We will drive 2 hours in my car and 2 hours in your car.

Do you want to know more about “Het Nieuwe Rijden” (economical way of driving)? Then follow a 2 hour lasting lesson focusing on the way you drive. This way you will save fuel and it is better for the environment.

Lessons in English? Not a problem! Are you a foreigner (outside of the EU) and do you need to get a Dutch drivers license? In this case driving school Jet Blei also welcomes you. We will take a look during the intake what steps we need to take, which suit you best. Of course we also have theory lessons in English. Feel free to ask for all possibilities.

The hourly rate for driving lessons are € 54.- per hour

Exam rates car

Tussentijdse toets € 255-
Exam €255-
Performance anxiety exam €325-

Driving lessons trailer


Hourly rate  € 59,-
Exam €270,-
Intake of 2 hours €118,-
Day course 8 hours + exam and return €750,-

Pricing for theoretical:

Theory class 3 nights including theory-book € 95-
Theory-book €22-
Theory-book that also covers practical issues €27,50-
1000 online questions €27,50-
500 online questions €17,50-
250 online questions €9,25-
Theory book motorbike drivers license €28,50-
Theory book moped/scooter license €22