Driving lessons with result

Do you want to get your driver’s license? Or take a refresher course? For every driving lesson you are in the right place at Driving School Jet Blei. You learn to drive well. Safety in traffic is paramount. That is why your training car is a safe and attractive Seat Tarraco, full options.

Driving lessons 18+

Whether you are just 18, 20, 30 or 40; every driver training starts with an intake of 2 hours. During that intake we go out on the road and you even learn to shift gears. Based on the progress, your road behavior and any personal information, we make an estimate of the number of lesson hours. So which package is right for you.

Refreshing driving course

You already have a driver’s license, so you can hit the road. Have you not driven for a long time? Do you feel insecure in traffic? Are you afraid of unsafe traffic situations? Then it’s time for a refresher course. In 2 lessons of 2 hours we work on self-confidence and road safety. 2 hours in the car, 2 hours in your own car.

Introducing New Driving

Did you get your driving license before the introduction of the New Driving? Opt for a 2-hour introductory lesson. This driving style is good for the environment. Learn to drive in a fuel-efficient way and extend the life of your car.


Are you not yet 18, but do you want to start taking driving lessons? Choose 2toDrive. You are welcome from 16.5 years old. Older than 17? Then you can drive off. Passed? Congratulations! Until the age of 18 you can go on the road under the supervision of a permanent coach. Someone who watches with you. That’s so safe. Want to know more about 2toDrive? Read about the conditions. Or sign up directly for an intake.

Single driving lessons

Do you want a separate driving lesson? Please contact with Jetske Blei.