About Jet

I love driving and therefore my punchline is: Blei dat ik rij (Happy that I’m driving). And how much fun is it that I, owner of Driving school Jet Blei, am able to teach this to my candidates.

Happy I’m driving, my hobby is driving

This piece of text is meant as an acquaintance so you know who is sitting next to you. If you come to me to learn how to drive, we will spend quite a bit of time together in the car. I will ensure that you will get good and safe lessons, however this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. That’s why I hope that we can also drive relax and have a great time. I will guide you to your driving license by teaching you steering, break, accelerate, switching gears, right way of looking, and all other abilities you need. My approach during lessons, is no-nonsense, practical, honest and with lots of humor.

I am a qualified RIS driving instructor. RIS stands for Driving lessons In Steps (in Dutch known as: Rijopleiding In Stappen). This education has a fixed plan. You will learn how to drive step by step, divided over 4 modules.

Your progress will be noted on your lesson map in an app. Here you can see what your progress is and you can watch explanations and videos about what you can expect from your next lesson. This way you work step by step to getting your own beautiful, Dutch, pink card: your license.

Jet Blei’s target is:

My target is to teach students to be safe, self supporting and social road users. This, so you can, after getting your drivers license, take part in the everyday growing trafic with a safe and confident feeling.

Sounds good?

If this all sounds good, you can make an appointment for your intake. Then maybe, I will stand in front of your door soon, together with my trusty, safe, but especially beautiful Seat Tarraco.